Our Annalise was first established online in May 2020, peak of the pandemic. 

During a time of isolation and disconnectedness, we realised then more than ever was the best time to create and cultivate our own community. 
The vision for online was to create unique content that inspires style and an aesthetic that reflects a large part of our upbringings; Earthy, relaxed and surrounded by community. 

Born and raised in small country towns where most people ask “So… like… where is that compared to Melbourne and Sydney?” We both learnt the value and importance of community from a very young age. 

It taught us to connect with people, to build relationships and to trust in one another. It taught us that community is everything, and if you look after one another- they will look after you. 

As Our online presence grew and the isolation of COVID began to lift- We decided it was time to find a home for Our Annalise. 
Renovations of 510 Smollett St, Albury began at the end of January and we officially opened the doors on March 5th. 

Hope has always loved fashion, pursuing Fashion Design at University and then going on to study Personal Styling- which is where she truly realised her passion for helping others. 
Through Our Annalise, she aims to inspire style whilst offering a safe and welcome space to help those discover their own personal style. 

So WHY Our Annalise you ask?
We place heavy emphasis on the ‘Our’, as what we are growing includes you too! We also include Our... because it is co-owned by both of us (Hope & Connor)
Annalise is Hope’s middle name- so throw it all together, mix it round and we came up with our name!

At Our Annalise, we welcome you into Our story where fashion meets style and a place you can call home.