Welcome to Our Story!
Over the last 4 years, Our Annalise has evolved in many ways.
First launching in 2020 online, peak pandemic and a whole collection of 11 items.
From here, we started to grow and connect with a community of our own- a community that pushed us into renovating and opening and brick & mortar store in 2021 in Albury, NSW.
A key note to mention with Our Annalise is that not only were we growing up a business, Connor and I (Hope) were growing up as individuals as we only started the business at the ripe age of 21.

Opening a brick & mortar was a dream of mine, a challenge of mine and a massive lesson of mine! To put it plain and simple: I love my business, but I love my life and lifestyle outside of my business more. Closing our store was a big decision as it was not going backwards or failing due to the economic climate, but simply because I had passions burning in other places and I am not someone to sit on my hands and watch them burn.

The new direction of Our Annalise being more considered, colourful and unique is a direct correlation between what I am chasing in my own life now as I take on a new career in Floristry.
I still love fashion, I love style and I love the story of Our Annalise. It shows that business, life and relationships should always evolve. It shows you should always stay true to who you are and chase what makes you happy. And it shows that not all art is meant to hang on the same wall forever, but that does not discredit its beauty.

So, here’s to the new look of Our Annalise xx