Launching our Online Boutique Mid Pandemic

Posted by Hope Shadbolt on

After working full time jobs during the day and tirelessly building OUR ANNALISE at night, Connor and I took ourselves away on a camping trip the night before the launch. We talked about our goals for the launch, what we expect and what we were most excited for. Over a few glasses of wine and many burnt sausages later, we came to this…

I was mostly excited to OFFICIALLY cut the ribbon on a dream that had been crafted over many years.

For Connor, it was the excitement of owning his first business.


Around came May 31st, 6:30pm and we had set up our station for the Big Launch! At 6:59pm, we had over 80 people waiting in a queue for our website and 2 very over-active heart beats!

BOOM! 7pm.

We made our first sale within minutes which was our Shirred Waist Long Sleeve and we sold out in over 3 different styles.

Hear me out- it was not all smooth sailing. I lost most of my fingernails due to rapid biting and Connor gained a few grey hairs as the website had a few technical issues- BUT WE DID IT!

One of the biggest things we learnt was 1) take your website OFF test mode before you launch and 2) Enjoy the journey (and discomfort) of the unknown.


We are incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement we have received in the past month, with big love energy sent out to over 55 orders!!!

Thankyou for such a memorable launch night, we cannot wait to write the rest of our story!


Connor and Hope xx

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